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Oakside Military Heroes Bundle (EBOOKS)

Oakside Military Heroes Bundle (EBOOKS)

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TEN Military Romances in ONE Book Bundle

Each book is a stand-alone, Military, Small Town romance! 

NOT available on any other book distributor site! 


  • Saving Noah
  • Saving Easton
  • Saving Teddy
  • Saving Levi
  • Saving Gavin
  • Saving Logan
  • Saving Zane
  • Saving Jake Novella
  • Saving Ethan Novella
  • Saving Mason Novella



Saving Noah

She's given up on love. He's given up on life. But they can't seem to give up on each other.

Saving Easton

He's a grumpy prisoner of war who won't let anyone around him. She's the ball of sunshine that pushes his boundaries. What happens when she pushes too far?

Saving Teddy

He was the only one to survive the blast that killed the unit. She was the only one to survive the accident that changed her life.

Saving Levi

I dated her best friend in high school. That makes her an automatic no-no. Don’t go there, right?

Saving Gavin

I let her go before I enlisted. I left my heart with her.

Saving Logan

She’s a high school sweetheart. He’s back in town looking after being discharged from the military. Is he ready for the huge secret she’s been keeping from him?

Saving Zane

He's fighting the silence; she's painting his world with color again.

Saving Jake

Are these two wounded hearts destined to heal together?

Saving Ethan

He's lost his voice. She's here to teach him to speak to the world again.

Saving Mason

I got one night with him. One incredible night.

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