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The Mountain Men Of Whiskey River Book Bundle

The Mountain Men Of Whiskey River Book Bundle

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"I have been dying to read this story since I read the blurb months ago and I absolutely devoured it! It was so steamy, sweet, and intriguing how Axel treats her!" -Amazon Reviewer

Start with Book 1

Take Me To The River - I was lost in the woods when I stumbled on a giant bathing in the river... naked. I don't have a choice but to trust him and take shelter with him from the incoming storm. I never thought this giant man could be so gentle or sweet. Now I don't want to go but I might not have a choice.

Then start reading Book 2

Take Me To The Cabin - I ran away from the big city to avoid being trapped in a life I hated. I never expected to fall for the shy mountain man... or to find out that he's from the life I was running away from. 

Take Me To The Lake - I was passing through the small town of Whiskey River, I never expected to fall in love with the town or the mysterious, reclusive mountain man. So I stayed. But my Past caught up with me and that small mistake of falling in love could cost me my life. 

Take Me To The Mountain - I had no choice but to become a mail-order bride to escape my uncle. I end up in a tiny mountain town with a giant mountain man. He's gentle and protective. Only when he said he'd kill for me I don't think he meant literally...

Taken By The Mountain Man Novella - I was kidnapped by my best friend's mom and held in an abandoned cabin until a big scarred mountain man bursts in and headed right for me. He untied me and carried me out of the cabin without a word. The next thing I know I'm at his cabin and he's tending to my wounds. The problem is I don't know if I can trust him.


Oakside Military Heroes

Saving Noah - Of course, my brother went and got himself hurt on this last deployment. I don't know what I expected at the hospital, but I didn’t expect to meet the man who saved my brother's life. He’s covered in scars, inside and out. I don't expect Noah to also save me too ... or that I will have to save him. I promised myself I would never fall for someone who could die serving our country again. I don’t know if I could handle the pain of losing my heart twice.

Saving Easton - My time as a POW left emotional scars that cut far deeper than any physical ones. I can’t stand to be touched. I am plagued by horrid nightmares. I knew therapy was my only option, but I didn’t realize it was fate leading me there... until I saw Paisley. My best friend's little sister and my high school crush. Paisley plans of pulling me out of this darkness one way or another. I just hope I can hold on to my heart in the process.

Saving Teddy - He was the only one to survive the blast that killed the unit. She was the only one to survive the accident that changed her life.

Saving Levi - I dated her best friend in high school. That makes her an automatic no-no. Don’t go there, right?

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  "I absolutely LOVED how protective and sensual Axel is. You wouldn’t expect this gentle giant to be as kinky as he is commanding. Emelie definitely smoothed the rough edges of Axel, and the heat between these two is enough to cause a fire. Whew! 🥵🥵🥵" - Amazon Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I didn’t expect to devour it as fast as I did! I finished this book in one day. From start to finish, I was consumed and needed to know what happened next. It was a simple and sweet low-stress pallet cleanser. I sure wasn't expecting to cry, but I definitely balled like a baby at one part." - Goodreads Reviewer

What's a girl to do when she finds a sexy giant bathing in the river?

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    Book 1 - Take Me To The River

    When I finally look up, I’m shocked to see a shirtless man in the river ahead of me. I’m startled for a moment, and then I realize, if he’s here, I have to be close to town, right?

    I walk closer to him to ask him for help. Though I know I shouldn’t trust strangers, but really, what choice do I have? If I don’t ask for help, I’ll be dead by morning. Even if he kills me, I would have been dead anyway. But with any luck, he’ll save me.

    The first thing I notice is that he’s tan, which is a surprise, considering he’s in Montana. Maybe, he often works outdoors with his shirt off, and he sure has some hard-earned muscles. He hasn’t spotted me yet, so I take full advantage, letting my eyes run over him once more.

    “Hello?” I call out to get his attention.

    His back goes ramrod straight, and he doesn’t turn around right away, as I take a few steps closer.

    “I think I’m lost. I was camping with my boyfriend. Well, now ex-boyfriend. When I caught him cheating, I went for a walk to cool off, and when I got back, he was gone with all of our stuff. I thought I was walking back towards the main road, but I guess not.” I ramble on.

    He finally turns around, and I get my first good look at him. I was right about the muscles. He has muscles that I didn’t even know existed, and the chiseled muscles of his arms and chest pulsed with strength and power. His tan skin has black ink tattoos and some nasty scars.

    The tattoos go down his arms and over his heart. Tribal designs and ones that I’m sure have meaning to him.

    His brown hair is long, wet, and clinging to the side of his face and his neck.

    When he speaks, his voice is deep and gravelly. He talks slowly, and every word is deliberate.

    “Turn around,” he says.

    “Um, if you’re going to kill me, I’d rather see it coming, if you don’t mind.” I squeak out.

    He cocks his head to the side to study me a moment, before shaking his head.

    “I need to get dressed.” He nods to a pile of clothes on the riverbank I hadn’t seen, until now.


    Oh! He’s naked in the river.

    My cheeks heat, as I turn my back on him, giving him some privacy to get out of the water.

    Behind me, I hear him sloshing through the water, and the sound of water dripping off him, as he walks up the riverbank.

    There are a few leaves rustling, so I assume he’s getting dressed.

    “Okay,” he growls.

    When I glance over my shoulder, I see he’s dressed in worn out jeans and still has no shirt on. Turning to face him, I then realize how huge he is.

    I’ve always been small at five foot four inches, but this man in front of me has to be pushing seven feet tall.

    And here I just found a sexy giant in the river. Now, this is the part where he carries me off to his cave, right?

    Full List Of Books Included

    Books Included:

    • Take Me To The River
    • Take Me To The Cabin
    • Take Me To The Lake
    • Taken By The Mountain Man
    • Take Me To The Mountain
    • Take Me To The Cliff
    • Take Me To The Edge
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