Can't find my books... help!

I am so sorry you can't find your books! 

There are normally 3 reasons why you didn't get your book(s). 

Lets check these out and see if we can't have your reading before I even see your email! 


1) Check for an email from Bookfunnel

If you DID get a receipt with an order number then it's just a matter of finding the email with the links. 

The links to the books do not come from me. They come from Bookfunnel and will most likely look like this:

The email the books will come from is:


2) Another email was used at check out

If you did NOT get a receipt with your order number, it looks like this:

Then you might have used another email at check out. Is the card you used attached to another email? Please check!


3) Email was typed wrong

If you did NOT get a receipt with your order number, and didn't get your books in another email then most likely your email was typed wrong. 

No worries I can help with this once I receive your email. 

I know how frustrating this is!

While you wait here is a free book to kick off my military series for you to read. 

Get Yours Truly, Your Soldier free and read it now!