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Damaged Discounted Paperback Books - Signed

Damaged Discounted Paperback Books - Signed

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In every box of books I order, there seems to be one or two books that are damaged along the way. 

Most damages are bent covers. Some are markings on the pages. Some books were cut wrong by the printer. You can see photos of these below.

The books are all still readable, will still come signed, and with swag. I just can't sell them at full price! 

Pick the series, and I will send you a book from that series. Stock is constantly changing, so I can't guarantee any certain books. Feel free to leave what books you DO have and I will do my best to get you one you don't have. 


Please note:

  • If you order more than 1 in a series, there is a high chance you might get the same book. I will do my best to avoid this if possible. 
  • Not all books are damaged the same!


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